Between Trinark's native knowledge of the Underdark and Adalmar's skills as a pathfinder, your (diminished) group is able to work its way to the east (more or less), wending around enormous pillars of stone and stalagmites, clambering over fallen stalactites, and sliding down frozen stone "waterfalls".

The torchlight reflects off of multi-colored sheets and curtains of rock hanging from the ceiling and you catch occasional sparkles that hint at rare gems perhaps embedded in the stone.

Under different circumstances the journey would be a marvelous experience, but in this case the wonders of this Underdark passage pass mostly uncommented upon.

While underground you find it difficult to judge the passage of time. It is not clear how many days pass, though you find yourselves soon depleted of water.

Trinark and Adalmar keep you on a gradually ascending path, and eventually you are rewarded by a faint glow in the distance, signifying light ahead. The ambient temperature suddenly drops, reminding you that while the air underground was cool but fairly comfortable, it is still wintertime on the surface ...


And, suddenly, there it is - daylight. You turn a final corner and find yourself in a roughly circular shaft approximately 100 feet across and 30 feet deep. Above you is open sky, blindingly blue and bright to your dark-adapted eyes. You are standing at the bottom of a sinkhole or collapsed cave.

Fresh snow lies on the rocks. Several of you shiver and dig out your cold weather gear once again.