"I find it truly amazing that the multiverse itself conspires to slow our progress. First vampires, then aboleths, and now a pit...why did we come out in a pit in any case...Trinark? Care to shed some light on this dilemma? Why does an entrance to the Underdark connect with a pit?" Comes the dry comment from Callos as he brushes some dirt and snow from his clothing with a sour expression on his face. For all intents and purposes it almost looks as if it looks as if he has recovered from his bout of mental collapse in the earth below. Perhaps it had been because of the regression underground and so recently after he had managed to get out of it.

Hmm...this is excellent weather actually...but I'm not quite sure this is the right time for my little project. Later..if its still cold...and after I've mind scanned Elthan and the strangers to try and clear up some of this forsaken mess of an adventuring group.