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    Upon hearing of their friends' disappearance, Lissa reacts with uncharacteristic silence. She withdraws into herself for some time, only speaking when necessary; quite unusual for the gregarious gnome. Soft-spoken Gnomish prayers are heard more often than usual, and a crude altar similar to the one back in the besieged town hall pops up at the party's first campsite. Five gold coins, one for each lost comrade, adorn its rough stone surface.

    ...may you hear the song of the Earthcaller guiding you to the Last Home; may the Cloakshadow obscure your passage from those of evil intent; may the Watchful Protector walk at your side; and may we meet again someday in the World Beyond...

    Pausing with one leg into her cold-weather leggings, Lissa balances on one foot for a few moments as she rummages in the haversack lying open before her. A large coil of pale silken rope emerges, along with a grappling hook. "There we go!" The gnome tosses both articles over in Tiriel's direction, figuring that Tiriel can probably throw the hook farther than Lissa herself can. Lissa squints up at the walls of the hole with a practiced eye, then nods and returns to the task of getting fur leggings on over leather armor. "Looks to be about three or four stories high. That piece of rope is plenty long enough."
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