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    Default Re: The Necromancer's Pact VIII: The Rising Tide

    It doesn't take too long to get a rope up to the surface and for each member of the party to climb up out of the sinkhole. Stoically, Trinark again dons a heavy cloak, covering his head with a cowl to protect himself from the sun.

    The sky is clear and cold, and the ground is covered in fresh snow. You stand on a flat plain. To the east the plain ends suddenly at a sharp cliff. Hundreds of feet down below is Lake Ashane, the Lake of Tears. Sea birds wheel and screech overhead.

    You have an unobstructed view to the east. The Lake appears to be frozen over, at least as far as you can see from the clifftop. Whether it is frozen across its entire width is unclear. As you look out across the flat white surface of the frozen Lake, a low groaning occasionally reaches your ears as the ice subtly shifts.

    To the north, along the cliff edge, you can see a black stone watchtower. Turning to the south, you see another watchtower just visible at the horizon. Adalmar recognizes them. These ancient towers are common along the western coast of Lake Ashane, relics of a long-forgotten empire.

    To the west, the plain stretches featurelessly as far as you can see. Smudges of black smoke rise up ominously from beyond the horizon, reminding you that an army of drow and demons is not that far behind you ...
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