I'll try my hand at this:
206: Vaarsuvius, Belkar, and Elan explain why they agreed to be brought to Azure City by Miko. Miko encounters Elan's eccentricities for the first time.
207: Miko questions the Order's large amounts of gold, but is mollified when she is told that they slew an evil dragon.
208: Belkar makes death threats on Windstriker. Miko tries unsuccessfully to use detect evil on Belkar.
209: Miko explains that her past and her class levels. Miko tells the Order that she is called a samurai, but has no samurai class levels.
210: Displacer beasts discuss their unusual enviroment and jokes are made on their displacement abilities. They contemplate attacking the Order of the Stick, but they decide not to on the grounds that they then become random encounters.