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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveMB View Post
    The result looks pretty good. I had similar problems with the "Dwagon Threat" transparent one I just added to my list; I'm still not entirely satisfied.

    (An idea that just occurred to me is to fill the background with medium gray after extracting the existing background and before scaling -- that way, the pixels around the edge would "blend" with medium gray rather than white and come out blending fairly well with the black linework. I haven't had a chance to actually try this trick yet.)
    Oh, now I understand! I paid more attention when giving my current icon a transparent background and saw for myself how downscaling it created a halo of light pixels that didn't look good on the forum. I just manually erased them this time, but now I can picture what you're saying.

    In case I change my avatar again, here it is (117x117):

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