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    Katrin listens patiently to Callos's and Elthan's explanations of the Shadow Weave. She understands it in general terms--that it is like a shadow or a reflection of normal magic, and that it works in places where normal magic does not. She does see the advantages of this, but she is suspicious of the "corruption" that Callos had mentioned. However, she does not act upon her suspicions until Aldamar mentions the war between the two goddesses. Selune and Shar... Does that mean that Shar created this Shadow Weave? It would fit her nature, she being the goddess of night and shadow, and Callos said that the Shadow Weave was created by a deity after the creation of Faerun. And isn't Elthan's last name... 'Moonshadow?'
    "Elthan," she says, narrowing her eyes, "which god--or godess--do you follow?"

    (OOC: Katrin follows Selune; I'm assuming that the war between Selune and Shar would be common knowledge among worshippers of either goddess.)
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