Elthan spends a moment to collect all of his thoughts as well as possible by look at the ground. Silence once again takes over during the wait for his response. Upon raising his head, he speaks with as little gesture or flourish as possible.

"The Shadow Weave is not all entirely like the Weave. Though very similar, the patron deity of the Shadow Weave reserves the right to isolate anyone whom she does not see fit from her Weave.

"I've slowly felt my ability to perceive drain as I've attempted to dissect the eccentricities of its function. It is a confusing and laboring process that becomes more difficult the farther one strives to understand. The Shadow Weave is in injurious to the mind, but there is a remedy to heal that wound, and secure access to the Weave at once. One must perform a favor for the goddess, and take up a geas to worship her.

"I believe what that favor was is apparent. I had a plan, so that his death would not be of harm. I planned that after his death I would purchase resurrection for him from my own savings, so that I may prove that I would indeed do so, but still retain our powerful ally, and engage him openly at a later date after Sethra was vanquished.

"Upon our last few stops, such an opportunity to carry out my plan did not present itself, and I became anxious. Perhaps such an opportunity would never present itself, and I would continue with a hole in my mind. Wander, only partially myself. When we stopped again, I killed him, and hoped that we could carry his body far enough to bring him back to aid us. Now, such a thing is impossible, and I mourn his loss.

"There is nothing now that I myself can do to right this. All I can do is accept your judgment, and hope that I might continue to aid the group in its task so that Evandurs death would not be so pointless an affair. I've done what I've felt was best for the group."

Elthan stops and gives Katrin a confused look, as if not expecting the question. "I follow Shar. Why?"