Lissa's face shifts through a rainbow of expressions as Elthan tells his tale, finally settling on disgust. "What part of 'evil deity' didn't you understand when you started studying this 'Shadow Weave', Elthan? We gnomes know both Selune and Shar, the Moonlady and the Dark Sister. The Dark Sister, we know too well." Her eyes harden, and she points to the holy symbol around her neck. "One of my order's tasks is to keep an eye out for corrupted mages. The Sly One is, after all, also the Master of Illusions. The Dark Sister loves to recruit mages, promising power while demanding more and greater sacrifices. It's too dangerous to keep a devotee of hers in the clan... and even more dangerous to exile them." Lissa sighs, closing her eyes briefly. "I should have been more watchful. It just never occurred to me that one of us would be stupid or arrogant enough to court the Dark Sister."

She unlocks the safety on her crossbow with an audible click. The anger in her has turned to sorrow and iron resolve. "You may die by your own hand, by our hands, or by exposure to the elements. Choose."