A myriad of expression, almost as much as Lissa, flashed across the necromancer's face as he heard the explanation for the ritual but he wheeled to look at Elthan with his face slowly turning red then purple from rage. "! Just what did the two of us talk about?!" He stormed across the few steps between the two of them and grabbed Elthan by the front of his clothes. "Huh?! WHAT DID WE TALK ABOUT!? Do you remember even? You told me, you swore that you'd come to me before delving any deeper. That we'd discuss it to see if it was worth the power to give some of yourself to Shar! That I'd be there to make sure nothing went wrong! DID YOU FORGET?! fool of a dabbler! I told you, I gave you personal expeirences with sacrificing oneself for power and you still did this! I...I should pummel that thick of yours in for this!"

His dark orbs seemed even darker as he bellowed into the sorcerer's face and when he was finished, Callos was breathing hard. Part of him wanted to blast this arrogant elfling, another wanted to shake him and convince him of his wrongs. Force him to come back from the precipe he had gone towards. Why hadn't Elthan just listened? Why had he felt the need to push forward so foolishly? Deep in those eyes though Elthan could see...a kind of sad recognition. Slowly...his grip relaxed on the sorcerer and he released him...rather reluctantly. Head whipping around at this talk of judgement by his fellows...they couldn't possibly be serious...could they?

When next he spoke, all of the hot rage had vanished from his voice to be replaced by cold fury. "Any of you so much as loose a bolt at him and I'll bring you down were you stand. You claim the side of good in this, but continue in this course of action and you'll have the death of an innocent as much on your heart as the death of one you would call 'monster' simply for trying to help the whole and complete the mission." Turning a little, he gave a solemn nod to Elthan and whispered to him softly. "Elthan, tis not too late to chose the right path here. To make up for the crime and throw away the dark. Whatever you chose...just know I stand by you as much as I would have stood by Djital, my brother in all things but blood."