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Thread: [Spell] They ran red down his cheeks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroNumerous View Post
    Just as a note: Generally, bleeding is considered lethal damage. Since, you know, you die if you do too much of it.
    Well, he's not bleeding THAT much.

    Creeeepy. But should that be "[b]counters and dispels good hope"? You've only got dispelling down, but I would think the countering would be more important... otherwise you have cheery, hope-filled people weeping blood.
    Whoops... will adjust.

    The time on it is a little short for that returning ability. I'd up it to 1 minute / level, or you'll be in combat with the caster of it for the duration of the spell.
    Dunno, thats an awful long time to have those penalties and be taking damage.
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