"Actually the innocent I was referring to was myself, not Elthan, Lissa. I'm not one to claim he's innocent but I am one to claim he at least deserves a chance to redeem himself." Callos replied with a somewhat weak grin. This wasn't exactly a laughing situation but he still found that statement a little bit funny to say the least. Though the rest of what Koji and Lissa said was hardly amusing.

"I'm not planning on throwing my life away. Throwing it away implies a sense of futility in the course of action and I hardly believe this is futile. Just like I already have enough to explain to whom I chose to observe as a paragon without this little incident so I'm not worried that subduing a gnome priestess and others will have a large blemish on my soul." However almost all of Callos's attention was diverted to Lumpy after that. "Oh, I'll make this as hard as I need to make sure no one dies here Lumpy. Shar may be the most vengeful bitch in existence but we need all the help we can get and where ever we can get it from. This isn't a matter we can pick and chose who we want to help us out. If I remember correctly the priest of Umberlee was allowed to travel with us. A man who worshiped a goddess who wants to drown the entire world in ocean and opposes some of the most highly acclaimed benevolent deities of the realms and all we did was threaten him into not harming us while he traveled with us. And don't think I'm making this up, I've studied religion more then any of you most likely. Compared to that, a priest who would have gladly killed any of us at the slightest provocation, I'll gladly take the Sharete who has our best interests at heart, even if they have been warped some. Especially since the very same man has never done anything else wrong this entire journey. If Shar, Sharess, hell even Lolth, despite how much suffering the spider queen has put me through, want to help us bring down Sethra and return Sheyra to her own body I'm more then happy to let them, Mystara knows we need the aid."

The necromancer paused then and his eyes glittered for a moment as they swept around those who were assembled against him and Elthan, feeling a twinge of regret. Its not like they were doing this for fun, each of them had a legitimate reason for their actions, but that didn't mean that he still didn't feel sorry for them. How couldn't he? About fifteen years ago and he would have done the same thing. But that didn't mean he didn't know better know. It might be some hard work, but he wasn't ready to give up on Elthan yet. Especially since there was still a very good chance of getting him back to the right of things.