The betrayal and hurt in Lissa's eyes as Achkby supports Elthan is almost palpable in the air. She remains silent for a long moment, crossbow still pointed at Elthan's chest. Finally she speaks in a low, hoarse voice.

"The elders were right. Gods help me, they were right. I was a blind idiot to trust any of you." They told me. I violated the Rule of Trust- never trust anyone outside family and faith- and sure enough, it's come back to bite me on the bum. Lissa takes a deep breath, her expression becoming remote. And I violated the Rule of Combat; never strike from the front unless you have to. Hells, I thought Elthan at least deserved to know who was killing him and why... he used to be a friend...

She finally lowers the crossbow, pointing it at the ground. "Well. I know my limits. I might be able to take two hostile mages, but not three. So unless someone's willing to help out-" the gnome glances at Lumpy, Katrin, Khazrael and Adalmar- "I suppose you leave me no choice."

For now, at least.