"Now hold on one bloomin' second here. I don't need you defending my Ackby...or being called an idiot by you either. I didn't let anything happen. It was already happening, I think so anyway, when he told me about. I just tried to make sure he didn't do something stupid while taking his cosmic shortcut or something he'd regret and we all see how well that turned out. Hells, I didn't even know he was planning some kind of ritual and if I had I would have stopped him then." Irritation replaced the cold anger on his face as he turned to look at Lissa...then back to Ackby. Ah hell. This couldn't possibly be happening. Not now at least.

With a sigh and roll of his eyes he looked at Ackby then to Lissa again and shook his head. "And as wonderful as it is to see you finally arguing against the majority when your views conflict with theirs, I truly think you should simply shut up for the moment and think about what you just said. You've given your piece and some very interesting insight but...uh..yeah. Probably shouldn't have...or at least not as vocally. I mean...that was very reasonable but being reasonable isn't exactly something we're using at the moment and if they do decide to attack Elthan and I anyway, despite being informed as to the truth, you shouldn't get involved. They'll still need an arcanist after all."