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Yea, knew it was unclear when I wrote, but couldn't think of a better way to write it at the time.

That is the answer I was looking for, I think. To give an example, an Immortal taking a level in fighter can put a point in, say, use magical item as though it were a class skill
Sure thing.

so, this template would be usable for a PC? seeing as how you added the LA in there... It would be insane, but some people might like it
Hey, anything can be a PC if the DM allows... however, it also needs LA for cohort and stuff.

One thing I would think though, bonuses to Knowledge (History). Either in "Been There, Done That". There is a chance that if they are an immortal that they could have been there for a historical event.
Under skills:
"An immortal gains a +10 bonus to Balance and Knowledge (history) checks. "