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    Default Re: [Template] Under the fading trees, until all the world has changed...

    Ok some questions:

    Does the Wisdom bonus to AC stack with class features and the like that provide the same benefit? (So, for example, would an Immortal Human Monk add his Wisdom modifer to his AC once [because they don't stack] or twice [because they do])?)

    It's your template, obviously, but I'll admit, I don't really like the regeneration or bonus to Balance checks. The balance bonus especially feels strange....

    And while I see your point about the regeneration, I think that there's a difference between rapid healing and resistance to aging. I mean, your cells replacing themselves quickly and efficiently enough to keep ahead of tissue wear and tear is a LONG way away from the kind of cellular metabolism you would need to regrow something as complex as a human arm in a matter of minutes. In fact, if we're going to commit the heresy of trying to relate D&D rules to real-world science, I would think that such an overdriven metabolism would result in a shorter lifespan, not a longer (in this case unlimited) one. I think I'd prefer a bonus to saves against (if not an outright immunity to) death effects, massive damage, etc. Perhaps a free Diehard feat thrown in for good measure. If you're bent on going the route of Highlander and the like, I'd go for fast healing (that is what it's called, yes?) or something, not regeneration.

    Are these abilities Extraordinary or Supernatural? (I think we can safely say none of them are Natural or Spell-like.)

    Are you TRULY immortal? Or can you die by injury, illness, etc.? As someone else asked, do you come back like a lich or something if you're "killed"? Are we still in the world of Highlander (where you appear dead for a number of hours or days before you revive)?

    As someone else asked: Do you age at all? You specifically mention that you avoid penalities for aging, but what about benefits? Does an 102 year old immortal human still get his +3 to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma? (As a side nitpick, your template never actually says that it prevents the creature from dying of old age.)

    Also, I'm when does one apply this template? It's built to reflect a being that's not only immortal, but has already lived much longer than is normal for someone of his species. Can you become immortal, or is it something you must be born into. Do beings that are immortal, but have not yet lived longer than is normal for their base creature gain any of these bonuses? If so which ones?

    I know I'm being picky, but it is a really cool template. It seems like you were thinking Highlander, whereas I came into thinking Heroes Chronicles.
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