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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey Watcher View Post
    Does the Wisdom bonus to AC stack with class features and the like that provide the same benefit? (So, for example, would an Immortal Human Monk add his Wisdom modifer to his AC once [because they don't stack] or twice [because they do])?)
    Unnamed bonuses always stack.

    And while I see your point about the regeneration, I think that there's a difference between rapid healing and resistance to aging. I mean, your cells replacing themselves quickly and efficiently enough to keep ahead of tissue wear and tear is a LONG way away from the kind of cellular metabolism you would need to regrow something as complex as a human arm in a matter of minutes. In fact, if we're going to commit the heresy of trying to relate D&D rules to real-world science, I would think that such an overdriven metabolism would result in a shorter lifespan, not a longer (in this case unlimited) one. I think I'd prefer a bonus to saves against (if not an outright immunity to) death effects, massive damage, etc. Perhaps a free Diehard feat thrown in for good measure. If you're bent on going the route of Highlander and the like, I'd go for fast healing (that is what it's called, yes?) or something, not regeneration.
    Well, with fast healing you aren't really immortal. You get shot, your dead. With regeneration you can be filled with holes... heal even after death, and come back to life.

    Are these abilities Extraordinary or Supernatural? (I think we can safely say none of them are Natural or Spell-like.)
    Extraordinary as it says in the text.

    Are you TRULY immortal? Or can you die by injury, illness, etc.? As someone else asked, do you come back like a lich or something if you're "killed"? Are we still in the world of Highlander (where you appear dead for a number of hours or days before you revive)?
    You can die if you sustain enough fire or acid damage. Otherwise nope, you're effectively immune to that. You can 'die' but thats not much of a big deal. See the rules for regeneration to get a full explanation.

    As someone else asked: Do you age at all? You specifically mention that you avoid penalities for aging, but what about benefits? Does an 102 year old immortal human still get his +3 to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma?
    That is what the ability increases are. Benefits from extreme old age.

    (As a side nitpick, your template never actually says that it prevents the creature from dying of old age.)
    I thought that was covered under Eternal Youth?

    "Eternal Youth (Ex): An immortal creature does not age but remains at their adult physical peak. They take no ability score penalties for aging and cannot be magically aged."

    Also, I'm when does one apply this template? It's built to reflect a being that's not only immortal, but has already lived much longer than is normal for someone of his species. Can you become immortal, or is it something you must be born into.
    ""Immortal" is an inherited template"

    This means you are born into immortality.

    Do beings that are immortal, but have not yet lived longer than is normal for their base creature gain any of these bonuses? If so which ones?
    No, this template is only for those that have lived awhile. Not much point in having a young immortal because at that point you can't tell they are immortal.

    I know I'm being picky, but it is a really cool template. It seems like you were thinking Highlander, whereas I came into thinking Heroes Chronicles.
    Don't even know what Highlander is

    Basically there are those whose race is immortal, i.e. most outsiders. This is for those who normally aren't and thus are quite different. They retain the ability to learn and adapt as that of a short-lived race, but has all the benefits of an immortal one.

    If I made this template I would slow down limb regeneration to day based and I would take away the strenght and dex bonus but increase the con bonus. But I didnt' make this template so my opinion is not important.
    Good idea for the limb-based thing.

    The stat increases is because they are stuck at their peak physically.
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