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    Well, got the idea from a sci-fi book where you could always tell someone who took this longetivity drug because they had lived so long they were perfectly poised. They knew exactly how to step and movement was so hardwired into their brains they never tripped, bumped into things or even stumbled.
    Strata, right? Wonderful book.

    But I don't really agree with that, it strikes me as just something best represented by actually putting ranks into Balance. Somebody who doesn't do so just... Doesn't have a knack for balance, that's all. It's certainly something I'd expect to see in an immortal creature, but I'd expect them to be fundementally knowledgable about practically (or impractically) everything, so the point is moot. Maybe just let them get eight doses of skill points?

    Also, excuse me for the pedantry, but considering a creature with this template can in fact, still die, they are not immortal. Eternal, yes, but if they were immortal they simply would not die. The result of immortality is that, no matter what happens, you will remain alive! This encompasses everything from natural diseases to being at ground-zero of a high-yield nuclear detonation, or even more powerful weapons, such as being teleported into the heart of a sun going nova.

    For an immortal creature, it doesn't matter if they're splattered over an area of fifty cubic miles as a fine mist of distantly-associated individual cells. Somehow, they will still be conscious, and they will still be alive. This doesn't necessarily mean they'll heal however, and they may spend eternity like that.

    Sorry about that, it's something of a pet peeve of mine, how often the word is misused.

    Speaking of healing though, I have to say I agree with Grey Watcher on the point of regeneration. Certainly, the easiest method of attaining immortality is self-healing cells (though how you deal with mental deterioration is another matter), but it's not the only one. Even if it was, that doesn't account for people who's regenerative abilities are enough to stave off aging indefinitely, but not enough to heal grevious wounds any faster than normal.

    In effect, their healing properties are minor enough to be permanently occupied with stopping the aging process. So, I'll put my vote down for removing the regeneration.

    Gotta say, I like this thing, the only thing that stops me from wanting to use it is the LA. Which makes me wince.
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