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    If you're reading this, please remind me to work on it. Thanks!

    Raril Xar'Cha

    CE Male Drow Bard 20/ Rogue 10/ Assassin 10



    Raril is an extremely handsome and charming Drow, with shoulder length white hair and a perpetual grin on his face. he wears a dark blue tinic over black breeches and a pair of well worn, but highly polished black boots. His clock is usually thrown over one shoulder, for greater mobility and because he thinks it looks better that way. Rather than wearing a hood, which would obscure his good looks, Raril has a wide brimed feathered cap to keep the sun out of his sensetive eyes. He also uses the cap to hide a spider shaped brand on the side of his head, he even wears a bandana beneath the cap in case he ever loses it. around his neck he openly wears the House symbol of his family House Xabaresh Chaeron

    Raril will do whatever he has to to get ahead, living by the rules he learned in the underdark 'Trust No One' and 'Don't Get Caught.' He'll lead an honest life if he can, he does have a lovely singing voice, although most of the songs he knows are in Drow. He's quick to take offense and even quicker to take revenge. He has a long memory for any slight against him and he does not forgive easily. He has a fascination for magic, or anything that will bring him power and a more comfortable and secure lifestyle, but is afraid of powerful wizards and sorcerers.



    Drow made rapier, enchanted to be constantly coated in Drow Knockout poison. It is a thin black blade, with beautifuly crafted silver hilt and a large purple crystal at the pommel, which radiates the energies needed to keep the things he brought from the Underdark functioning properly.

    Leech, the name given to the vampiric daggers that appear to be grown rather than forged. It is an odd grey green color, and the hilt moulds to the wielder's hand as if it were living flesh. Truly a frightening looking weapon, Raril carries a pair of them.(+5 3pts vampiric healing).

    Icy Blade, a shortsword made of blue metal covered in a thick layer of frost, it is enhanced to deal an additional amount of cold damage along with a sharp cut. Raril also carries two of these.(+3 and 1d6 cold damage)

    Crossbow of Murder, An extremely well made light crossbow, it is a highly accurate weapon, able to hit vulnerable spots with extreme precision. (+5 and 2d6 damage on critical hit.)

    Raril carries a rapier covered in drow knockout poison, a heavy crossbow (+5), a pair of short swords covered in ice (+3 and 1d6 cold damage) and two wicked daggers (+5 3pts vampiric healing). Boots and cloak of Elven kind, along with a Robe of Blending, make him practically unnoticeable to all but the sharpest eyes and ears. He also has a ring that protects him from magic 80% of the time, reflects the spells back 10% of the time, and is completely useless for the other 10%. He carries a back pack with the rest of his things in it, 2 coils of spidersilk rope (25ft each) and 1,900gp.

    Born the second son of the noble House Xar'Cha, Raril was expected to serve his family absolutely for its glory and the glory of the Spider Queen, Lolth. When he came of age, he began training with the House weapon master, with dismal results. He could wield only the lightest of weapons and insisted on useing a shield, despite the weapon master's attempt to teach him the dual wielding style favored by most of his race.

    Growing frustrated with turning her son into a warrior, Matron Xar'Cha sent Raril to Sorcere, the magic academy. Although his older brother, Kyo, was already a powerful wizard, their mother thought Raril would fare better with books instead of swords. He enjoyed his first few months at Sorcere, easily picking up a few cantrips. He even managed to learn some healing magic by listening to the chants coming from the nearby Arach-Tirith, the training ground for all of Lolth's priestesses.

    Raril soon grew bored with his studies, though, finding arcane tomes boring and tedious. He began daydreaming during lectures and would sneak out of the school to walk the streets of the city, mingling with the commoners. There he learned the secret teachings of Vhaeraun and the truth of the Crown Wars. He skipped classes, instead frequenting the taverns of the city singing blasphemous tunes and learning all he could about the people around him.

    When his next exam came, Raril found himself in serious trouble. He arrived late and had completely forgotten his spell components. The Masters asked him to cast a simple cantrip. He cast the spell successfully, but his teachers were not pleased. His motions were strange, more like a dance than arcane gestures, and his chant was different, too melodic too musical. He was aked to cast a more difficult spell, but it failed. Now angry, the Masters asked him to try a wand. This time it worked, but the command word he had used was wrong, the color of the beam was a bit off. Raril was declared a failure and thrown out of the school. Fearful of what his mother would do to him, he hid in the city, listening for information on his family and rival Houses, knowing someone would come after him.

    During his years in the city, Raril learned to lie, cheat, and steal to survive. He established a network of informants, concocted various disguises, and quietly eliminated anyone who threatened to expose him. He learned that his sister, Hirriel, had finished her training at Arach-tirith, and had been sent to the surface on a mission to kill a warrior, Ryln Irr'himn, who had truned away from the teachings of Lolth. Matron Xar'Cha sent Kyo with her, to learn about the magic there and to keep his sister alive.

    The mission was crucial to House Xar'Cha. The rebel warrior was a member of House Irr'himn, rival of House Xar'Cha and next in line for a seat on the ruling council. House Xar'Cha had been schemeing for decades to remove their rival, but could not afford to leave any survivors anywhere to be used as witnesses against them. Were any of House Irr'himn left alive, the city would unite against House Xar'Cha and destroy it.

    Hirriel returned from the surface with news that Ryln had disappeared, and that she had been given the task of creating a Temple of Lolth on the surface. Now ordained a High Priestess, she returned to the surface to build the temple. With the rebel son eliminated, Matron Xar'Cha quickly attacked and eliminated House Irr'himn. After the attack, the Matron exausted from casting spells to aid the assault, Raril's eldest sister, Danube, assassinated her mother and took her place as Matron Mother.

    Raril saw this as his chance to return home, he began to slowly send information to his sister, and now Matron, on the activities of the other Houses. He soon proved his value when he warned of an attack by a lower ranking House. Danube was prepared for the attack and rallied the city against the unfortunate House, eliminateing it completely.
    Grateful for Raril's warnings and information, Danube accepted him back into House Xar'Cha. Raril returned proud and ready to serve his family, but Danube, although glad for his help, was not about to let him forget his failure and cowardice. He was beaten, tortured, and, in a dark ritual, branded. He now bears deep purple scar on the right side of his head, shaped like a spider, as a constant reminder of his failings. He never knew the true purpose of the ritual, except to cause him constant pain.

    Raril continued to dutifully serve his House, afraid to make another mistake. He was not loyal though, his sister's tortures had turned him away from Lolth. He fully embraced the teachings of Vhaeraun, secretly worshipping and learning of life on the surface. He disguised his research as a way to help his brother and sister adapt to life on the surface. Danube was pleased by his dedication, and , not having heared anything from either sibling, sent Raril to the surface to check on their progress.

    When Raril arived on the surface he was pleased to find that the pain from his scar was nothing more than an occasional itch, and, although the bright sun hurt his eyes, the nights were quite beautiful. He took his time in looking for his family members, more curious about the strange world around him and not eager to return home.


    -Provided the blood for Osnagard's Blood Golem Val
    -Found and killed Looking for a Wizard called Roderick, staying at the Slanty Shanty
    -Wrote a Haiku to comemorate the liberation of the Police Station from the Fourth Empire.

    Fiery death comes,
    Strong armies stand together,
    The Fouth Empire ends

    -He was kidnapped by a disguised mindflayer, and in now implanted with the personality and powers of a Succubus/Eirines hybrid, called Lillith
    -Member of the local Thieves' Guild, and is currently second in command there.
    -Has been Fired hired by Nukular(Blackout) as Second in Command of his army for *drumroll* 2,500,000gp per week, is currently in training/orientation.
    -After the AMEN rebellion, he quit, fearing that he would have been shot by the General had he been visible on the night of the massacre.
    -Attempted to assassinate the lelading members of the TDI at an event designed to apologize for the killings at the rally.
    -With the help of the Illusionist, Pelgof (Xaspian) Raril faked his own death to avoid a large amount of punishment.
    -He didn't avoid it all, though, as Nukular drafted him back into the TDI forces at a much lower, and more lethal, rank.
    -Throughout his adventures with the TDI, he befriended and eventually fell in love with a woman named Lori (Admiral Kelly)
    -Lori was kidnapped by the Royal Navy and held hostage in order to force Raril to assassinate his guildmaster, Artemis (Bookboy). Raril refused the offer and rescued her quite heroically.
    -Sometime later Lori was captured by a group of demons, Raril went to rescue her, but failed to protect her.Unfortunately her soul had been ripped in three, and could not be raised through normal means.
    -As he walked to Trog's, after securing Lori's body in the Sanctuary, Raril got into afight with a life draining woman named Deliri (Pwenet). While she stole his life force, Raril stole hers using his vampiric daggers. The two now share a strange connection, sharing wounds and abilities.
    -Desperate to save Lori, Raril sought help from the people he thought he could trust. Alexander (Admiral Kelly) told him of the Souls Stones he would need to collect the fragments of Lori's soul.
    -A cloaked figure, claimed to know the location of one of these stones, a small bandit camp outside of Town. It turned out to be a Drow camp, set to ambush Raril and punish him for even looking at a human woman.
    -The ambush was turned, and the entire camp destroyed. But in a desperate grab for information, Raril accidentally shot and killed Alexander, before he interrogated and murdered the Drow woman his friend had been trying to protect.
    -With Val's (Osnagard) help Raril gave Alexander a burial at sea.

    -, Raril went to the Planes of Death to retrieve the pieces.


    She used to live inside Raril's head before getting a stable form of her own. She's a crossbreed of a Succubus and an Erinyes, or a fallen Angel if you prefer. Despite her decidedly fiendish nature, she can be very kind and does not like to see others suffering. Normally she appears as a extremely beautiiful woman with long dark hair and wearing a white dress along with a set of blood-red feathered wings and a whiplike tail. She'll sometimes forgo her more fiendish traits if it makes anyone uncomfortable, and can shift her appearence to a variety of forms.


    Scimitars of Null-Magic – Ancient weapons from a long dead universe, the Old Crone had these in her possession and gave them to Pwenet as an apology gift. The Scimitars were made of a unearthly metal that shined no matter how dark the environment was, and etched with words from a long dead language. The hilts were flawless emeralds that glowed slightly. Each Scimitar could contain Pwenet’s soul. In addition they were made to be used against magic users, which led them to being able to disrupt magical abilities on touch, and nullify magical attacks. After his final conflict, the swords teleported to Lillith, whom Pwenet commanded would wield them next.

    Sszinyon Xar'Cha(Deceased)

    Ranger 20/Assasin 10/Shadowdancer 10

    Sszinyon is Raril's younger brother. He's a few inches shorter than the Elder Drow, but more muscular. A fine fighter and a dedicated tracker, Sszinyon is skilled at hunting down his targets and destroying them, either by a quick strike from the shadows or a more elaborate plan that exploits their weaknesses. This Drow is a dangerous enemy.

    Through various antics in Town, he's aquired lycanthropy and managed to come back as a vampire. Don't let him bite you...

    Brie Swift

    Rogue 20/Assassin 10/ Shadowdancer 10


    A rather small young woman with short red hair, Brie doesn't seem like much of a threat, but don't let her looks decieve you. She is a deadly assassin, trained to make precision strikes from the shadows and dissappear without trace. She is usually followed by a 7ft tall Shadow, humanoid in shape with glowing red eyes. He looks scary, but it actually fairly passive, unless someone tries to hurt Brie.

    Elaine Donodel

    Ranger ?

    With bright green eyes and dark black hair, Elaine is the picture of a High Elf. A fine archer and tracker, she does her best to protect the forests she frequents and the towns she visits. After assisting the Town with what at first seemed like a zombie infestation, she's become tainted with traces of an abyssal spider-creature and now bears bug-like armor on her back and forearms and a set of fangs. She's not proud of the transformation, keeping it hidden beneath her armor and rarely smiling.
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