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    Default Re: [PrC] Skit skat skoodle do flip flop flee!

    Quote Originally Posted by jjpickar View Post
    I was wondering, how does a Rat-A-Tat realign himself to a new city?
    Could he find a different city? How long would it take to realign? What happens to exRat-A-Tats? Isn't it fun to talk only in questions?
    I'd think it'd just be kinda like a druid 'communing' with nature to gain spells. Just walk about get a feel for the new city, and badda bing, badda boom, he's got it!

    Ex-rat-a-tats? Err, you mean those that go out and live in the country? I... guess they'd become the main character in some movie with the overdone theme of 'city boy goes to the farm and has amusing episodes involving manure, hogs, and if he's lucky, the farmer's daughter'.
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