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    A kobold- having seen Krey gesture him/herself as the target for Jeff -decides to throw his Javelin in the dog's direction. Attack on Jeff - (1d20)[8] Damage - (1d4-1)[2] The dart scores some fur, but the dog is unharmed.
    Although he didn't see his master's command, Jeff- angry at the attempt on his life -charges the kobold. Attack on Kobold - (1d20+3)[10] Bite - (1d6+3)[6]

    Despite the attack on their comrade, the other kobolds dedicate their assault to the party. Arianelle - (1d20)[12] Krey - (1d20)[13] Gauli - (1d20)[18] Thargol - (1d20)[7] Mexanis - (1d20)[6](cover bonus applies) Arianelle - (1d20)[20]
    Damage rolls (if hit): Arianelle - (1d4-1)[1] Krey - (1d4-1)[1] Gauli - (1d4-1)[0] Thargol - (1d4-1)[0] Mexanis - (1d4-1)[0] Arianelle - (1d4-1)[0]
    The first javelin hits Arianelle's buckler squarely, knocking her off balance. Before she recovers from the blow a second missile plunges through her chainshirt, and rests more than an inch deep in her side. The blow was critical and would've been fatal had the weapon not been dart-sized. (critical-hit. 4 damage to Arianelle)
    Krey feels his eyebrow become slightly shorter after flinching at another head-aim,ed javelin.
    Gauli finds that while he was pulling out the dart, another one strokes him cleanly across the his chin, leaving a cut as deep as a hair is thick on his Adam's-apple. (1 point of damage to Gauli, you might want to equip that shield)
    Thargol slides his leg out of the flightpath of an oncoming javelin.
    Mexanis ducks just fast enough fro him to keep his ear.

    6 kobolds
    2 kobolds
    9 kobolds
    It is now Mexanis' turn.

    ((Oh yes, everyone please update your current hitpoints.))
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