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    Already reeling from his multiple wounds, Thargol tries to reassert the situation. We need to free the gnoll or weŽll die. There is something I can do....
    He sets his eyes the Kobold above the pit, the one poised to strike down those who would climb from their prison. He sets his feet and charges, dircetly towards the edge of the pit, leaps....clear of the Edge. Sailing through the air, his arms guarding his torso, his right leg coiled back.

    And then, the leg viciously lashes out....

    Status: 5/9 HP, AC 14-2 = 12 (charge)
    Jump Check: (1d20+9)[12]
    Attack roll: (1d20+3)[12]
    Damage roll: (1d6+3)[8]
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