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    Very nice. Thank you PCclips.

    I don't suppose you could describe what the unit marks and colors mean too?

    Tan is road. Light green is grassy plains? Dark, dark green is forest. Dark blue is water? Which leaves light blue and the medium green hexes. Also, we can assume from this that for "normal" hexes (not dense foliage type like the forrest which seems to have reduced the range to 1). Gives a view of 2 hexes for a unit in all directions?

    What are the circles and flags for? Are the flags for indicating the start and finish of the column? Where is Ansom currently? You'd think he's have some special marker. Though this just be me not knowing what to look for. This is so cool. I am extremely excited now for the battle.

    Also, now that I think of it... Pannel 4 on page 56. That looks like the map at the long angle, which might bring up something different (such as how long the column is).
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