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    Arianelle is about to grab the wounded kobold away from the flames when she sees Thargol collapse. Krey's too far to help with this fire... She gestures with her left hand towards the farther kobold threatening the fallen monk. "Let that one dread the bloodshed...and the other take his example..."

    Lifting her little javelineer bodily, she lunges toward the kobolds and tumbles him at the feet of the one threatening Thargol. With little hope of breaking the apparent language barrier, she nonetheless snarls at the creature, brandishing her sickle. "Take your wounded and run. Go!"

    casting Cause Fear on the kobold right of Thargol, picking up the unconscious kobold (if it's less than 88 lb, managable), taking a 5 foot step up, and dropping the kobold one space up from that, into the space of the kobold down from Thargol.

    And hoping for minor miracles...
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