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    Default Library Lovers Design Contest VOTING and RESULTS Thread

    And now time to vote!

    The Rules: Please send your selections to the VOTE account, here. Take a moment to review the guidelines on how to vote found in this thread. And, of course, please read all the entries before voting. Good luck, everyone!

    The Timing
    : Voting begins now, and will continue until Noon Saturday, June 30th (US Eastern Standard Time).

    The Categories:
    • Best Library & Collection of Items
    • Best Single Item (The single item you most would be interested in bringing into your campaign immediately; for this award, just choose ONE from someone's list to vote for.)
    • Funniest Overall Entry
    • Funniest Single Item (The single item you found most amusing; having this a separate item allows you to include a single amusing element without going for a whole funny concept.)
    • Rookie Award
    • Rolandís Choice Award (Staff Award).

    The Entries:

    Fayrell's Conservatory by Duke of URL

    Anolus Demetrion's Collection by ringsnake (Rookie Entry)

    The Wandering Room by The Demented One

    The Library of the Mists by Enlong (Rookie Entry)

    The Library at Partanacril by purple gelatinous cube o' Doom (Withdrawn at entrant's request)

    The Lily on the Water by GryffonDurime (Rookie Entry)

    The Grand Library and Archive of Hhiastrio by AngelSword

    The Library of Kwalish by Dorizzit (Rookie Entry)

    The Caveat: Please make sure your links are properly named, attributed, and go to where you want them to (usually the first post in your entry thread). Also, if you are a rookie entrant, please make sure I designated you properly. Thanks.
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