W00t! Glad you like them.

The title of "Soul-Sucking Drudgery" is in Big Bloke BB, a free Blambot title font that just looked appropriate somehow, and the line is in Copperplate Gothic Bold. For "Money", I switched it around; the title is in Copperplate Gothic Bold since it seems like a banker's font and the line is in Spirit Medium (another free Blambot title font). I have a feeling that it says something about me that I used the name of an obscure font to create a dual-meaning hidden pun in a demotivator remixed from a fantasy webcomic. Possibly just "I'm a geek!"

For my non-demotivator at the top of the other thread, the title "Crap" is in I Want My TTR! Expanded. I'm not sure which is more surprising: that I had a font that kind of looks like smears of filth? or that I found a use for it? The line is in Biondi, another small caps serif font like Copperplate Gothic.