The rogue watched as the almost naked tatooed wild elf skipped happily out the door and the rest following her. He then sighed seeing the coins dropped casually onto the nearby tables, his hand involuntarily spasmed as if on its own accord it wanted to reach out and take them. Instead Fistar, reached down and picked up his pack, and the extra key that was still on the table. He followed the rest of them out, since he didn't want lose them quite yet, the pack was light as it was, so carrying it around shouldn't be a problem, he could drop it off later, besides if the gold elf was correct in his directions the temple was only about two blocks away.

"Wel..." as he walked out side noticing that the rain was slowly letting up "... if that gold elf was correct the temple should be about 2 blocks from here, One block east and one block south, it will be on your left. If I recalled correctly," Fistar looked around and noticed the sign next door to the Inn, "The Haversack". "I know you people want to be on your way, give me a moment, I just want to buy a good cloak to help keep the rain off. " He head to door and entered the shop.