Dear Mr APEgamer,

Ordered all 4 books and got a confirmation e-mail saying they had been shipped (to the UK, order no, 7598).

Got a tracking number and kept checking up every few days.

Checked today to find that they tried to deliver it friday just gone when I was out. The UK post office cant help and no note was left.

What happens now? Tried to e-mail USPS but the form can only be filled in with a valid US postal address (Zip code?).

Will they try to re-deliver of just post it back to the US? If it gets re-delivered then can they do it some time when I'll be in? (weekends would be best).

Happy to pay to have it delivered again but only if I can sort out a time (or they just shove it through the post box / leave a note / tell me where I can pick it up myself - within reason :) ).

Hope to get this worked out soon.