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    The wood elf stood in the entrance to the shop, taking a quick look around, he then glanced back into the street and then muttered, "Fine ignore me." as he watched the group head down the street. He sighed and looked at the shopkeeper and grumbled, "I'll come back another time."

    Fistar exited the shop and raced off to catch up with the group. He then looked around at the crowd, "Hmmm do you get this feeling that we are being watched? I remember one time, I had this feeling and it turned out, it was this little waif of a child following, she got into her mind that I was her father." He continued to chat, explaining how he had to set her straight, all the while he scanned the crowd and looked briefly behind the group just in case they were being followed.


    Spot - (1d20+1)[2](3)

    edit: ok I spotted my imaginary friend, who is green has red hair and has elephant ears.

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