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    A lifetime of pampering in her House did nothing to dull the training given in Lolth's temple during her formative years as a priestess; that, as well as the many years of holding Kelzir's leash gave her the experience to sense his tension. Something is going to happen...and if it harms him, it will taste my sword. She felt Kelzir's shift in possition and forced a guardedly neutral expression - Maiden forgive what I've done to him...

    Carefully, but without Kelzir's subtlety, she peered around, trying to catch a glimpse of anything suspicious. The pristine condition of Torm's temple did not escape her, and, in fact, found it rather beautiful and refreshing. Had there not been a sense of danger, she would probably have even smiled. Instead, a foreboding sense of impending doom settled over her as she continued stalking after the Wild Elf and Paladin.


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