Etsia nodded seriously at the cleric, then glanced briefly up to see the hawk circling around a spot in the rooftops before it swooped down to land on her backpack again. A screech of danger, and she nodded at the hawk as well before letting out a small hawk-shriek of her own. Danger over. No time to climb on the rooftops now, they just had to keep their eyes open later. The hawk ruffled its feathers in obvious objection and reluctance, but stayed on the pack.

"Hello." She nodded at the cleric again. "My name is Etsia and I am looking for an animal." She paused and considered her words, then continued. "Information about an animal I have not seen before. I need to know what it is and where it lives. I was told you have a big library." Another pause and she tilted her head, looking up at the cleric. "Can I look?" Yet another moment and she remembered to add one more word. "Please?"