THe high priest listened to the druidess and nodded with closed eyes to her. He spun on his heels and clapped, one of the younger and less influential acolytes ran up and froze. The high priest leaned down to whisper into the boy's ear and then watched as the boy waved them all onward.

"Young Oryic here will accompany you and show you to our library. Our new Library is one of the most grand in the Trade Ward here and we boast, in all of Gothmoor as well!" The high priest smiled and then paid the druidess no more attention and was instantly attached to the paladin's side.

"So tell me champion, what news of the outside world? Where did you originate from? Are you from the North? We have a temple in Waterdeep. Have you any news from there for me?" The priest asked Jessamyn with an almost endless line of questions.

"The library is most sufficent, Lady Etsia. I spend most of my days, when not on door watch, in the library copying books. If it is an animal you seek. I may be able to point you in the corect direction. There are easily enough books here to keep one thumbing through until he dropped dead of old age." THe acolyte moved ahead and opened the door escorting your group through and turning his head as he walked to look at your elven face, looking for some more information.

The hallway into the temple was long. every step you took cooled the temperature off until the inside of the temple was a nice 70 degrees. The liestone and sandstone kept the sun from baking the air inside. You pass many armed guards, full platemail and wielding halberds and shields. Of course the moment they see the high priest, they snap to attention. Their helmets make a slight squaking noise as metal rubs on metal as their heads all turn to watch the dark elves' every move. A new group of eyes are watching you, but at least you know the intentions of the guards.