The rogue looked on watching and listening to the conversation, a few times he wanted to step in and say something, but before he could another question was asked, or responded to. He shifted from foot to foot, slightly agitated and grumbling under his breath as he listened. His eyes looked around as they walked examining every nook and crannie of the hall. He frowned slightly noticing the amount of guards around.

Finding a moment of lull in the conversation, he blurted out, "This is a large library, I'm always looking for interesting information on old history, places where treasure can maybe found. " smiling at Oryic, "I remember the time, I found this old map in this house, someone must have dropped it. Anyways I followed the directions on it to a large 'X'. " he continued on for a moment describing the location in great detail, and how he had dug at the location and only found a box of children toys. "..... and let me tell you it was quite the disappointment all this trouble for some measly children toys. " he finished.