That her not-so-covert search had left her with no new information, did not disquiet her as much as the overly friendly greeting they'd received. It seemed odd to her, that pales would welcome Dark Elves into Torm's temple without pause. The guards were, more than likely, their assurance that no one would be trouble.

Looking back to be sure that Kelzir was unhurt, she smiled - a private, gentle smile that traveled all the way to her violet eyes. A smile that barely touched her lips and said more than any words in any language that she knew. A smile that she had only ever shared with him - to assure him that everything would be alright. Tonight... tonight, I take his collar and let him go free... then dance until I cannot move and beg the Maiden's forgiveness for remaining as unenlightened as our kin. ...tomorrow, I go on without my..without him.

Dwelling on the depressing thought of leaving him with the pales, she stepped after Jessamyn and her talkative cleric friend, hoping to learn a little of the temple, itself, instead of their books.