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    He stopped on the steps for a moment, a visible tremor passed through his body and his eyes widened. He stared straight ahead, as though looking into another place at another time. A nearly overwhelming surge of recollections passed through his mind and his shoulders hunched downward as if he were trying to vanish where he stood.

    He followed the other dumbly, trying in vain to make himself as unobtrusive as possible. He shied away from the guards stationed at their posts, and his eyes never left the floor. And when the younger priest asked his questions, he winced.

    His breath caught in his chest and he gasped for air, quietly as he could to avoid drawing the attention of any clergy around. He misstepped, tripping over nothing as one of his legs tried to buckle under him. The motion carried him closer to Zarraema, and he stopped near her. His eyes were flicking this way and that, seeking, watching, warding, and there was a nearly palpable aura of fear surrounding him.
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