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    Kelzir's fear confused her, at first. This was, after all, Torm's temple, surely there was no need to be terrified of such a place. Her own memories jolted her back to her days in Lolth's temple; blood, screams, eight-bladed terror... She could taste and smell is his discomfort and stopped in her tracks.

    Carefully, trying not to spook him further, the tall priestess turned and did her best to cover her pained expression with a gentle mask. This was, after all, her own doing - this pain was her fault. Lowering her voice to tones she hoped were only audible to the bard, she whispered, "Kelzir, I would greatly appreciate a calming song, if you would like? Perhaps we could find a quiet place, away from the rest." It took all of her strength not to reach up and pet the side of his face for comfort, as she used to do so just before striking him out of petulance. It wouldn't do to unsettle him further.

    How can I erase those memories from him and ease his pain? ...think. Dark Lady, guide me..
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