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Thread: Ordering Issues from APE Games

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    Hey, i got a question. On July 7th i got an email from APE saying they had shipped my order (SoD) and it included a USPS customs tracking id.

    But ever since, that ID on the USPS site says nothing more then "Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received". What does this mean? We're they just told to expect my package, did they actually receive it and is it on its way now? help :(

    Edit: A few replies up i see that this note basically means that they wont change this message until the package has been delivered (or offered for delivery). But how would USPS know about that when the package goes to the Netherlands? Shouldn't it update as soon as it is on a plane out of America?

    Also, why would a comic book be sent with Delivery/Signature confirmation (thats what the usps faq says what it means)... All i want is to come back from work some day and find a nice comic book in my mailbox :D I dont have time to sit at home without knowing a day of arrival to sign for it :P
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