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    Acolyte Oryic kept pace beside the determined druidess. His eyes watched how she moved and was in awe of his first vision of a wild elf. He wanted to drill her with thousands of questions. He wanted to know everything there was to know about living and being a wild elf, but he knew better of it. OryicMoved around a corner and up to a set of huge double doors. Each door was intricately carved in the shape of a huge book. where the door handles were, was the spot where one might close a leather strap to protect the book. On the main face of each "book" door, was a huge Open gauntleted hand palm forward, and in the palm was a carved lion's head with closed jaw. The work was amazing, and each door had to weigh easily half a ton. THe door itself was 20' high. With the slightest push and smile, Oryic pushed the right door inward and it swung as if it weighed nothing.

    Inside can only be described as the largest and most extensive library you have ever seen. Shelves that go through the first floor into the second floor and up to the ceiling. The shelves seem to be part of the building itself and and columns flank the sides of every bookshelf. There is a lower floor, and a section of the ground floor is cut out of the center of the room, as a sort of super wide balcony. mons and priests move about above and below, restacking book, replacing book, and siting and copying books. A few people in armor or adventuring gear are also roaming about.

    "As High Priest has said, we offer one of the most extensive libraries in all of the Shining South." Oryic said with beaming pride due to the fact, his first eight years of his life had ben copying these books to make duplicates.
    "If you're looking for "Animals", it would be in that shelf there, next to "Alchemy" and "Acids". Oryic Walks towards where he is pointing to.

    High Priest Dentlor Looks to Jessamyn and nods, also looking over his shoulder seeing the two Dark Elves. His eyes turn back to the paladin after she speaks. "Yes indeed necromancy and the undead have plagued Gothmoor in recent history. Why, just four winters ago marked the end of a three year war against an invasion of undead from unchecked Necromancers. Knowledge is free and no one should be barred from anything, but Necromancers of the South seem ed to think their powerlusting and actions were above the law. This brought down the Necromancer registration Law from the Crown. All necromancers within Gothmoor are registered and tagged. Any necromancy done within the walls of Gothmoor.....or beneath it, leaves a magical residue on these Worshppers of the dead arcane's tag and can be tracked or recorded."

    High priest Dentlor makes a gesture of holiness to Torm before continuing. "We have actually lost our original Temple to Torm, during the war, and it has since been marked off limits until the Crown could muster enough men to go in and clear the temple out and consecrate the stones within once again. We managed to get most of our belongings out, butt he war turns soldiers into looters, and not much remains inside."
    High priest Dentlor points out a small chapel off the main library where many scholars go to pray and shows the Dark elves a few sections of books of gathered knowledge from the Underdark as well as a quiet darkened nook with a rounded bench in it.
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