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    Quote Originally Posted by Gezina View Post
    I <3 GNU/Linux (Ubuntu flavoured)

    Do any of you use any form of GNU/Linux?
    Yup. Ubuntu FTW. I run Ubuntu on my primary system with possibility to dualboot into XP (wich for some odd reason occurs more and more rarely these days... wnder why :D). I also think of installing the Kubuntu desktop so I will be able to run both GNOME and KDE. This is mostly because i think KDE looks a little cooler and flashier than GNOME and also because KDE has 2 editors wich support Ruby, wich is my pet programminglanguage right now. I also have an old old laptop running on Xubuntu.

    Radikalskippy: You can download and burn your very own Live CD in Ubuntu. Here is a link to the downloads page: http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download You can get both 7.04 (wich i recommend even if you have had some bad experience with it). It is also possible to download good old Dapper drake (6.06)
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