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I used to have Ubuntu on my machine, but I had the terrible idea of upgrading from 6.06 to 7.04 and it was awful, because there were some drivers missing and I could hardly work there. Then I remembered I didn't have the Live CD for 6.06 anymore, so now I'm stuck on Windows again *sigh*
Really? Cause I'd heard really good things about Ubuntu 7. Haven't actually used it though, as I've given up linux in favor of osx. Also, you should realize that any driver you can get for any other linux disto (including Ubuntu 6), you can put on your Ubuntu 7 inst. It may not come on there, but i'm sure you could install it manually.

That's odd though, it's unlike linux (most distros, anyway) to ditch support for something. Anything. I wonder if you reconfigured the kernel manually if you'd find what you're looking for? Perhaps something was merely amiss with the autodetect?

We may have had this conversation already...