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Thread: Demotivators (image-heavy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jindra34 View Post
    The Parson looking evil over the table would work best...
    Exactly which panel did you have in mind? Most of the Parson-at-the-table shots aren't blown up yet, and have too much text to look right as demotivators by themselves. Unless the quotes go in the text balloons, which I've found can be tricky...

    Anyhow, I went with a Jillian action collage instead - after all, she really is a barbarian. And a real badboop with an unrealistically oversized weapon, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by TigerHunter
    The best part of these is downloading the new fonts.
    Yeah, picking out the right font is an interesting exercise in style and formatting. (Nice choice on yours, BTW.) I did "Barbarian" using Warmonger and ManEater, both from Blambot.
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