Just so people don't think I didn't give it some thought, here's how I pictured the battle. Presume for sake of argument that because the team was planning on leaving soon, Windstriker was already summoned back from the Celestial Realm and was just off-panel in #250/251.

Miko & Windstriker's surprise round; the OOTSers aren't actually expecting them to attack at this point. Miko partial charges Belkar, drawing her weapons but actually attacking with an unarmed Smite Evil AND a stunning kick attack (nothing says you can't use both on the same attack). Belkar takes Smite Evil damage and fails his Will save; he's stunned. Windstriker charges Haley and smacks her with a hoof.

• Haley wins initiative, but there's no one to sneak attack because both Miko and the horse went already. She backs up 5 feet, draws her bow as a move action and shoots the horse once.
• Belkar would be next, but he's stunned.
• Miko goes third, attacking with her katana three times on Vaarsuvius. The elf goes down easily, lacking a decent Con or any HD other than d4's. She finishes up with two more unarmed attacks on Belkar: one is a second Smite Evil attack (which hits), the last is another stunning kick. Belkar's Will save still sucks; he's stunned again.
• Elan is next; he begins his bard song and moves away from Windstriker.
• Windstriker steps forward five feet and full attacks Haley—attempting to Sunder Haley's bow. He's a paladin warhorse, he's smart enough. Plus, because she doesn't threaten, she gets no Attack of Opportunity. The first hoof fails but the second connects; Haley's bowstring snaps. (Note the broken string in the final panel of 251).
• Vaarsuvius would be next, but s/he's down.
• Roy wants to charge Miko, but the stupid horse is in the way. He says screw it and disengages, earning an AOO from the horse (which tries again to Sunder his club but fails). Roy moves next to Miko, wishing there was anyone unstunned to flank with, and smacks her once hard with Power Attack.
• Durkon attempts a hasty Diplomacy action. It fails. He also moves next to Vaarsuvius.

Round TWO:
• Haley has no bow and no back-up weapon (they haven't been to town since #200). She tumbles away from Windstriker towards Elan and snatches his rapier AGAIN. She mumbles about how she really needs to get herself a club or something.
• Belkar is still stunned.
• Miko unleashes a third and final Smite Evil on Belkar with her first katana attack, then stabs him twice with her wakizashi. Having done at least 30 damage from Smite Evil and regular damage from two kicks and a katana, Belkar drops to -4 before he gets to rage. Even that last d12 HD can't make up for 11 levels of d8+Con. Miko has two katana strikes left, which she hits Roy with.
• Elan casts an illusion of what he pictures Lord Shojo to look like, to try to get Miko to back off. It is, not surprisingly, ineffective.
• Windstriker charges Haley again, smacking her with a hoof attack.
• Vaarsuvius would be next, but s/he's down.
• Roy full attacks on Miko, hitting twice.
• Durkon casts Heal on Vaarsuvius. S/he's back up to full hit points.

• Haley can't flank the horse because Elan (the only adjacent ally) has no weapon. She settles for stabbing it twice for negligable damage.
• Belkar bleeds to -5.
• Miko full attacks Roy with both swords, hitting all 5 times. Roy is now badly injured.
• Elan commands his illusion to do something that is ultimately a waste of time. He moves next to Belkar, preparing to force a potion down his throat.
• Windstriker smacks Haley a few times with his hooves.
• Vaarsuvius unleashes his/her most deadly spell, Disintegrate. Of course, there's a -4 to hit because Miko is in melee, and V's has no real attack bonus to speak of while Miko's touch AC doesn't suck thanks to a high Dex. The beam misses entirely.
• Roy smacks Miko thrice with his club, misses once.
• Durkon casts Cure Critical Wounds on Roy.

• Haley misses attacking Windstriker with the rapier once, then tumbles away to flank Miko.
• Belkar remains out.
• Miko takes a step back, directly over Belkar, and Lays Hands on herself, healing most of her damage.
• Elan tries to force a potion down Belkar's throat anyway, but Miko takes an AOO and hurts him, ruining the potion.
• Windstriker charges, striking V and trapping him between Miko and himself.
• V can't fireball or lightning bolt because the party is too clustered. S/he probably won't make a Concentration check to cast Disintegrate defensively, and the enemies will likely make any Will saves required. S/he is forced to cast magic missile at Miko for some damage.
• Roy steps forward and swings three times, for one hit.
• Durkon can't get to Belkar, so he casts Prayer for his team.

• Haley can't get around the horse to flank Miko again since she stepped back and he charged in. but she is flanking the horse, so she attacks twice, missing once but Sneak Attacking a second time. The horse is pretty hurt.
• Belkar is still down.
• Miko goes nuts on V, critical hitting him with her katana and knocking him to -1 in one shot. She unleashes the rest of her full attack on Elan, knocking him to -8 too.
• Elan is down.
• Windstriker smacks Haley around again. She's pretty hurt now, having only d6 HD.
• V is down again.
• Roy attacks Miko three times, only hitting once.
• Durkon decides to stabilize Elan with a CLW rather than risk him getting killed by Miko if he gets back up.

• Haley tumbles around the horse to get into a flanking position on Miko, pissed that Elan is hurt. But she can't hit Miko's AC.
• Belkar is down.
• Miko takes Haley down to -7 with two attacks, leaving three more to hit Roy with.
• Elan is down.
• V is down.
• Roy is mad and strikes at Miko with full Power Attack to try to end this now, but hits only once. Miko is pretty hurt nonetheless.
• Durkon stabilizes Haley with a Cure Light Wounds.

• Haley is down.
• Belkar is down.
• Miko full attacks Roy, hitting 4 out of 5 times. Roy is pretty hurt.
• Elan is down.
• V is down.
• Roy realizes that he MIGHT take Miko down if he full attacks, but if he fails, she will likely take him out next and then kill the Order. He grudgingly surrenders.
• Combat is over.

Miko then chains Roy and the others. Because Durkon only healed, and she trusts him more, she lets him stay free. Durkon uses Cure Minor Wounds to get V, Elan, and Haley walking again. Miko casts CLW on herself and Windstriker and off they go.