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Actually, this comic touches a lot on what I don't like about the way paladins are usually played. Seriously. Why does a paladin have to monitor the behavior of the rest of the group? Why can't he or she just attend to her own behavior, and try and set a good example for the rest?
(Counter-argument: Why does the rest of the group always have to be various forms of scoundrel? ;) )

Actually, this is what bugs me most about Miko--not so much that the character has her annoying flaws (which have been discussed to death on the forums), or that her character is a stereotype for how the class is often played (the same could be said of Haley's greed--stealing from her own party...). Rather, it's that the people who play paladins like Miko have caused some people to think that that's the only way a paladin can be played. The fact that Miko reinforces this is what bothers me most about her, rather than her interaction with the party per se.

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The only way I could POSSIBLY see this happening is if Durkon not only refused to fight Miko, but helped her as well...and really only one in a thousand. I donít even see how she could take any TWO on her own.

She either has quite a few more levels then them or this is Rich's version of the DM just saying "you get beat down and drug along in chains".
Rich has a fairly lengthy post on this that makes a lot of sense. It's also entirely possible (although not strictly necessary) that Miko has a few levels on the OotS--look at the "Class and Level Geekery" thread for more. But regardless, I'd point out that she already has taken two of them on her own--fairly easily, in fact. Granted, the rest of the party was impaired in various ways, but Roy and Belkar still got trounced.

Also, it took Miko nearly 80 strips to reach them, and it's been nearly 50 since then...I wonder if any other sidequests are between them and Lord Shojo. (Although given their current situation, I'd think Miko would want a quick end to the journey more than ever...and if it is indeed a "railroad plot," then that might just happen.)