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I'm so glad to have Nom Nom Nom, but the night sky in the sonnet series are really nice. Thanks for all of them.

I'd like to request Page 62, panel 8, because I think someone with more skill than I will make a great demotivator out of it. How about "When surrounded by dwagons, apply bbq sauce liberally as a courtesy."
First, I'll second the thanks, and give up on trying to wedge the word "third" into this sentence.

The line that occurs to me is "When you are up to your boop in dwagons, it is difficult to remember that your original objective was to take the city."

When you have a chance to do more blowups, I'd like to request 17/5 (Tron Wanda overhead view) and 24/8 (Wanda reacts to her "suprise treat").