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What it's missing... shouldn't it drain Wisdom instead of Intelligence? I mean, the fluff says that it "enhances memory and creativity," which means that it essentially increases your Intelligence while draining your Intelligence score. I can see an Inspirated painter going mad, but going stupid?
It takes of your intelligence, digests some, and converts the other to bursts of creative energy. It may sound odd, but it makes some bit of sense.

The mindfeeding power seems a little unclear. If the symbiont drains 2 points of intelligence the first day, the character heals one point over night, and then suffers 2 points of drain the next day, and so on, wouldn't this result in a net loss of more than 1 point of intelligence?
Yes, until it reaches its peak intellect. Wasn't quite sure how to work it. Will likely be tweaking.

WHen does the draining stop? When the symbiont is at intellegence of 3/4 the hosts original total, or its drained total?
Original total. Will elaborate in the text.

EDIT: Also, the format of its name follows the format for subspecies, which insinuates that the Inspirator is a specific variation of Symbiotic Mind. Might we be seeing similar marvels, once you've successfully completed the Dozen Dungeon?
Its a possibility

Shouldn't the subtypes be capitalized?
Maybe. Whats it to ya?