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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew
    Any more thoughts about this? Can people see this sort of thing as a Feat in 3e?
    I like the idea of the small, quick guy with the little weapons running in and stabbing the giant half-orc with and axe so big he can't fight back, but it seems too complicated (to me, at least) to implement it for everyone all the time.

    Also, balance-wise (though I'll be the first to admit I'm no master of determining balance), it seems to give a big advantage to someone who's running around with daggers or something. If he can just stay close (e.g., ready actions to five-foot step if his opponent steps back), he'll win the fight because the other guy will never be able to succeed at hitting as well as his quicker brethren.

    Personally, I think you could make this a feat (or feat chain with 2-3 feats), or (my personal preference) a Prestige Class. I think that would be best - it makes sure that you don't have everyone doing it, it fills a specific niche (i.e., a combatant who gets in close to his enemy in order to keep from getting hit but to do more damage), and it would be pretty easy to make. Personally, I'd make it easy for rogue- and swashbuckler-type builds to qualify, and probably continue with the idea that you're probably going to use daggers (so perhaps some synergy with Invisible Blade or things like that).
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