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    Quote Originally Posted by blue_fenix View Post
    Pure awesome! Just enough good crunch to make people actually want to play it without it being a powergamer PrC. The only regret is that it's very bad for a caster. Maybe you could have the levels of sneak attack give your choice of +1d6 sneak attack OR +1 caster level, player's choice. With that change, I'd love to play a sorceror that goes into this in an average-power campaign. Also, I'd love to use this thing's abilities to screw with the Min/Maxers and powergamers I know.
    The class actually spawned from a rewrite of the Wild Mage PrC, so expect in addition to a new version of the Wild Mage, a special kind of version of this geared towards casters.

    How do you define "defeating an opponent by luck alone" exactly?
    While it is exceptionally vague, basically, one shotting someone with a critical hit would count. Especially if you would have had no chance in beating them at all.

    Or convincing the ogre that the people who ambushed his people went the other way, and when you succeed he runs off and falls into a ravine you didn't even know was there.

    Use of your luck feats would count too, at least it would if I were DMing.
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