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    Quote Originally Posted by Krimm_Blackleaf View Post
    I'd considered the fiendish template part, but it was decided upon long ago and integrated into almost every gaming group touching the core one to which I belong that it's stupid to not have fiendish undead creatures. I mean c' works so well.
    The complaint is not that you can't have fiendish undead, but you can't have incorporeal fiendish undead. Hold on, I'll check...

    Yep, according to the Monster Manual you can't have a fiendish incorporeal creature...but this class could simply exist as an exception.

    Apart from that confusion I like it. I watch quite a lot of Abridged anime and on more than one occasion I have head something along the lines of someone being possessed and saying "We are 4Kids and we are many. Now we fight on". Heheheh.

    Edit: What no Demodands?
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    You seem to like summoning monsters and watching them beat the everloving crap out of one another.