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You don't think the martial arts feats might balance the lack of weaponry? Or shall I hike up the strike damage a little again? I want the brawler to be an unarmed warrior, not a supposedly-unarmed-but-who'd-be-dumb-enough-to-drop-the-special-weapons warrior like the monk.
Oh, I hadn't though of it that way. I was imagining the concept was for a berserk brawler who could mix things up with his fists second only to monks. While the brawler will definitely be leaving the armor at home, not giving the him weapon proficiency will not stop him. One dip into Fighter or Ranger gives him weapons of choice, or a feat at 1st level like Simple Weapon Proficiency or Marital/Exotic Wep Proficiency would give the brawler weapon(s) without a dip. With this in mind it seamed best to allow the brawler some of the worst weapons at the start. Also, the brawler has to have something for a ranged attack.

If you want something that will never use a weapon, forget about it. Only with a druid-like restriction would you have a hope of keeping the brawler unarmed.

•Let the brawler have a few dinky weapons.
•Put the unarmed strike back up to monk standards, and reduce the martial art feats to every 4th, or even every 6th.

Yes, martial arts helps balance the lack of weapons, but if the brawler should get weapon proficiency somewhere all but 4 could help his armed combat. (6 if you say grappling doesn't help armed combat)

Right now if I played a Brawler, I'd grab simple weapon proficiency, and go everywhere with a spear and Light Crossbow. When I get Stunning Fist and Flying kick, I'd start combat with a charge using both, but would never use a flurry until 8th (or 12th if I had a sufficiently enchanted spear)