Well actually no I didn't forget. I stopped back to the booth and met her. She seemed very nice but was busily manning the booth. She was, however, fiddlling with duct tape at the time. Which made me remember the comment and I brought up the wallet comment but honestly I didn't figure any wallet was really forthcoming. She politely declined. Understandably.

And the panel was very interesting I thought. And entertaining. Many good questions were asked and the answers varied from person to person which provided a more realistic and personal snapshot of what goes on behind comics. It would appear that I have a LOT more planning, writing and work to do before any comic of mine would be ready to be published it seems.

Though I did get a bit of a kick out of Rob's reaction to one of the other panelists saying that they were working on the comic for several years before they started on it. The look would best be described as this one: